Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon Marketing Services is an online portal hosting self-service advertising solutions to drive demand for products sold on

Who can sign up for Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon Marketing Services can be used by approved Amazon retail vendors.

About Amazon Pages

What are Amazon Pages?

Amazon Pages are brand landing pages at customized by the brand owner.

What are their main benefits of having an Amazon Page?

Amazon Pages are a free way to create a unique brand experience at With Amazon Pages you get an URL for your brand, pick the products you want to merchandise and customize your Amazon Page with your brand’s creative.

How many Amazon Pages can I have?

You can register one Amazon Page per brand.

What types of Amazon Pages can I build?

There are two types of Amazon Page – basic and upgraded. Upgraded Amazon Pages have additional features:

1. Different Products Template

2. Automated widgets (Best Sellers and Recommendations)

3. Upgraded Amazon Pages appear in search results when shoppers search for your brand

How do I learn more about creating my page?

Get step-by-step information about how to create your Amazon Page in the AMS User Guide.

How much does an Amazon Page cost?

Both basic and upgraded Amazon Pages are free.

How can I get traffic to my Amazon Page?

You can drive traffic to your Amazon Page by using Sponsored Search advertising campaigns.

About eCommerce Ads

What are eCommerce Ads?

Amazon eCommerce Ads are a powerful self-service advertising solution offered through Amazon Marketing Services. They allow brands to create display advertising campaigns to reach potentially millions of Amazon customers and drive traffic to a product detail page.

Why should I use eCommerce Ads?

Amazon eCommerce Ads help brands build awareness, drive sales, and introduce products to potential buyers. Personalization based on customer interests makes it possible to deliver highly relevant ads to customers who are actively interested in buying specific kinds of products. The program also offers unique metrics such as detail page views and detail page view rate to help you gain better insight into an ad's performance.

What are Detail Page Views?

A detail page view occurs when a user visits your Amazon product detail page after viewing and/or clicking on a brand's eCommerce Ad. They capture and track customer interest in the products promoted by eCommerce Ads.

Who is eligible to use eCommerce Ads?

Amazon eCommerce Ads are available for all approved brands.

How can I see my ad running live?

Due to the volume of ads and traffic at and our trusted partner sites, there's no guaranteed way to see your ad running live. We offer analytics to track your eCommerce Ad performance including the number of impressions, clicks, and detail page views resulting from your ads.

How can I edit my ad?

At this time we do not support editing of existing ads. For now, please pause your ad, and then create a new ad with the new settings.

Why didn't my ad get approved?

Ads that don't meet our ad policy guidelines will not be approved. Your ad may have used inappropriate language or images, or it might fail to meet other criteria required for approval. Please refer to our ad guidelines for more information.

How long will it take for my ad to be moderated?

Please allow up to 3 days for your ad to be reviewed by our moderators.

Why has my ad only spent a portion of its total budget?

There are several reasons why an ad campaign might not spend the entire budget. For example, your CPC bid may have been too low, which may cause the ad to lose out in auctions where others bid higher. Here, we recommend you increase your bid. Another reason may be that you have limited your audience based on interest selections, and there are not enough impressions to generate the clicks needed to spend your budget. Lastly, ad inventory changes frequently, which may affect the number of impressions and clicks your campaign will generate. Overall we cannot guarantee that your campaign will generate the amount of clicks needed to spend your budget. In any of these cases you will only be billed when a user clicks the ad.

Billing and Payments

How can I cancel my ad?

While currently an ad cannot be 'cancelled', you can click 'pause ad' beneath the title of your ad, and it will stop being served.

When will I be billed for my ads?

Billing occurs periodically depending on the total charges accumulated. You may be billed more frequently at the start of a campaign, but you will never be billed more than the actual cost of clicks.

How can I restart my ad after it was stopped because of a billing issue?

Your ad cannot be restarted if it was stopped due to a billing issue. You will need to update your credit card details and pay the balance for the ad campaign. Then, you can create a new ad and enter your updated billing details.

What payment options do you support?

We support payment by all major credit and debit cards.

What if I have question or issue about my ad?

For all matters regarding your ad, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve your issue.

Sign-up & Verification

How much does it cost to get started?

Registering your brand is free and so is using Amazon Pages. Costs for paid advertising campaigns are cost per click and controlled by the budget you set.

How do I get started?

To register, click the 'Register your brand' button below and provide the requested information about your brand. We review all applications to help ensure access by authorized representatives only.

Why am I asked for a secondary contact when I register?

We may require a second set of contact information to help verify that the person who registers a brand is an authorized representative.

How long does it take to review registrations?

Your registration will be reviewed within 3 business days. We will send you an email if we need additional information to complete your registration.

Who do I contact if something unexpected happens?

Contact us if you have any questions or comments. We are here to help you succeed.

Policy Information

How do I notify Amazon if my brand is being infringed?

Amazon respects the intellectual property rights of others. If you are a brand owner and believe your intellectual property is being infringed, please send a notice following the steps for procedures for making claims of copyright infringement

Amazon Marketing Services Agreement

User Guide

Ad Policy Guidelines

Creative Standards


I started my ad 2 days ago and no clicks or impressions have occurred. Why?

I can take up to 3 days to collect and aggregate the metrics about your ad campaign.

What happens if my item goes out of stock?

If your product becomes unavailable, your ad will be automatically paused. Once the item is back in stock, you may create a new ad to advertise your products.

What if I have question or issue about my ad?

For all matters regarding your ad, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve your issue. Before you contact us, please have ready the version numbers for your browser and your operating system (for example: Firefox version 17 on Mac OSX).