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Target by keyword or product

  • Start a campaign for as little as $1

  • Pay only when shoppers click

  • Optimize performance with detailed sales reports

  • Build impactful ads to help drive more sales.

    Invest Wisely

    Pay only for performance

    Effort is great. But when it comes to your business, it’s results that count. That’s why you’re not charged until a shopper clicks your ad. Plus, you can create campaigns with a budget of just $1.

    Create ads that drive more sales.

    Target Confidently

    Say goodbye to guesswork

    We’ll help you aim well, whether you choose to target by:

  • Keyword. You’ll get suggestions for the best keywords to bid on based on customers’ search and shopping history.

  • Product. You’ll be able to search for and select products similar or related to your own.

  • Target by keyword or product

    Optimize Easily

    Get the right insights

    How are your ads doing? A robust dashboard helps you gauge impressions, clicks, considerations, sales, and more—so you’ll know when to revamp creative, add or remove keywords, or adjust bids.

    Sawyer Products gained 16,000 detail page views from its Amazon ad campaign, moving its MINI Water Filter from #53 to #16 in our Sports & Outdoors best-sellers list and triggering the company’s best sales month ever.

    "It took just five minutes to create an ad that got 12 million impressions in just over a month."

    —Travis Avery, Vice President of Marketing, Sawyer Products

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    Maximize opportunities to put your products in front of shoppers.

    Maximize opportunities to put your products in front of shoppers.